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What makes Aldo’s work priceless is not just his specialized knowledge on technical aspects of on-line advertising, but his ability to see the big picture and the strategical reasons behind every single marketing action.
This is very rare and gives his work a great extra value
— Simone Puorto, CEO @Simone Puorto Consulting

Online Advertising Guru, at least in the hospitality veritical. Able to create new solutions and functionalties which make all his advertising programs for hotels defintetely “one of a kind” in terms of tracking and results.
— Alessandro Lo Piano Pomar, CEO @PLUGBOOKING

Aldo is a fantastic supporter of our business and has been part of the development and implementation of our product. He has provided knowledge, guidance and training to our us at both executive and general levels. His knowledge and ability to think outside the box, creating solutions for our specific needs have been first rate and he is one of the main reasons that our product has hit the ground running so quickly. Aldo is a pleasure to work with, he delivers results as well as challenging us whilst ensuring that we all retain our sense of humour even under challenging circumstances. It is very pleasant to see how he is moving and growing in this business and I would strongly recommend Aldo as both a Consultant and Project Manager. He has expertise in the areas of distribution, e-commerce and marketing but also has a thoroughness to his work and an attitude that makes working with him always a pleasure.